Registration Information

To register a car or purchase concert tickets and event entry please call 908-876-9100

Note: If you are purchasing concert tickets, use the seating chart below to take note of where you'd like to sit. You can request a particular seat on the next screen.

Advance sale concert tickets and old car pre registration is available by calling 908 876 9100. Reserve your room at the Hilton with a credit card by calling 973-455-7920. For a Plan A car package, call 908-876-9100. A few rooms are still available. One Day and three day Plan B old car entries and Sat. & Sun. Concert tickets are available at the event.

LEAD EAST is for 1979 and earlier vehicles — but it's a Oldies Festival, not just a car show! NOTE: Newer radically customized cars and/or any car or truck with a chopped top, low-riders with hydraulics or airbags are also welcome! A car with a custom paint job is NOT a serious custom (multiple body modifications required). We have changed the cutoff from ’72 to ‘79 because for years many of you have asked us to do so. Some hard core LEAD EAST veterans want to keep it ’72 or earlier, but Times are changing and there are plenty of cool cars from the 70's.

The Cars

The word LEAD is a synonym for "customized car." We fill four adjacent parking lots with 1,800 restored classic 1979 and earlier cars, customs, low-riders, and street rods. Many are for sale. Last year it attracted cars from more than 20 states — from as far as California, Florida, Texas and even Canada,— because it offers activities and non-stop entertainment unlike any other "car show".

If you love custom cars — a true American art form — year in and year out LEAD EAST gathers more lead-sleds (customized cars) than any other event on the planet. This event was created in 1983 to promote the custom car movement, and it has done just that. Many cars have been built and finished with LEAD EAST as the deadline, the event being an incentive for enthusiasts to start and complete their dream car. There are always a number of fresh, incredibly high quality customs on display at the event that we guarantee you have not seen. A WORD TO THE WISE... CUSTOM CARS PRE-REG EARLY.

We'd love to see your 1979 or earlier vintage car at LEAD EAST 2018! It’s your choice, you can Register your car at the show or Pre-Register in Advance. Every year a higher percentage of the cars entered are pre-registered!


Some registrants have called our office to tell us the Parsippany Hilton/Hampton Inn say they are sold out of rooms. THIS IS NOT CORRECT! There are rooms available. In the national Hilton central computer booking system the entire hotel is reserved for Lead East and there are still rooms available.

Call 973-455-7920 weekdays between 9-5 and ask for Koren. If you have any difficulty call Linda at Lead East 908 876 9100 and we will help. If you reach our answering machine please leave a message with your contact information.


For owners of custom cars on display that have a hotel room reserved at the Hilton or Hampton Inn for a minimum of four nights (Thurs.-Sun.).

The Hilton and Hampton Inn will be sold out, but there are still a few rooms left. One PLAN A (old car only) parking space available per hotel room.

A 4 or 5-day PLAN A Adult is $97, and a PLAN A Senior Citizen is $87 Call Today!. All PLAN A car entries include one custom car, weekend wristbands for each person or Family Plan, and driver's children inside the car under 17. PLAN A entry is not included with hotel room price, but a hotel reservation enables you the right to apply for a PLAN A Package. Senior Discount only available call today!

PLAN A is a 4-day or 5-day package depending upon if you have a hotel room reserved starting Wednesday or Thursday night. You do not have to enter an old car to buy a hotel room at the Hilton/Hampton. If you are a spectator without an old car, but with a hotel room at Hilton/Hampton, you do have to buy a weekend wristband for each person to come and enjoy the party.

Reserving a hotel room DOES NOT entitle you entry to our five-day 50‘s Party/Festival — you need to purchase a PLAN A package for your car and wristbands, or purchase Weekend Spectator wristbands.


A three-day package for people entering an custom car but not staying at Hilton/Hampton.

A 3-day PLAN B Adult is $98, and a PLAN B Senior Citizen (66+) is $88 Limited plans stil available call today.

The PLAN B Package entitles the car owner to enter his or her old car Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It includes two adult weekend wristbands plus wristbands for kids in car under 17. Additional adult wristbands are $30 each for 3 days Limited plans stil available call today. Children under 17 in the car are Free.

Pre-Registered PLAN B cars have the option of Reserving a parking spot ($50) in Kraft B Lot or Daiichi C lot. Pre-registered B’s get in several hours earlier (3:00 PM) than on-site B registered cars (5:00 PM) but as always this is subject to approval by Property Management Company that oversees use of this business.

All Plan B’s (Pre-reg’s and on-site) who do not reserve a spot in advance will be given a Party Pass in a plastic bag. There is no additional charge for this since the Pre-Regged cars have already reserved their spots. Put your name on the Party Pass, put it back in the plastic bag to protect it from bad weather. Pick an open spot of your choice in the Kraft B or Daiichi C lot (not in Hilton A lot) that does not already have a party pass taped in place. Tape your party pass in your spot for the weekend. Only LEAD EAST offers this convenience to car owners so they can cruise a lap or go home at night and come back to find their spot has not been occupied by another car.

All non-Pre-Registered Plan B cars come to Registration starting at 5:00 PM Friday, NOT BEFORE!
Saturday or Sunday

ONE DAYS are welcome Saturday or Sunday, either Pre-Reg’d or On Site. Includes car. two adults, and kids in car under 17. No Party Passes issued for ONE DAY cars. TWO ADULTS and children under 17 admitted with a One Day car entry.

New this year! Day Trips. Custom car with one adult and children under 17 for a reduced rate of $35.00


Because of our Parking Lot Rental Costs, we are forced to charge for Trailer and Tow Vehicle Parking. This is not something we invented; Goodguys, the Charlotte Auto Fair, Hershey AACA, and NSRA, among others, have ALL been charging (sometimes exorbitantly) for trailer and tow vehicle parking for years. We have to pay to rent the lot, to clean it, security, etc.

Limited plans stil available call today, a standard tow vehicle (pickup, etc.) pulling a single car open or closed trailer parking is $25 for tow vehicle and trailer for the entire weekend starting Wednesday August 30. A tow vehicle and oversized (i.e. longer than 25 feet) trailer is $50. Tow vehicle and Trailer parking stickers will be sent in advance of the event. Please, no 18-wheelers. Please Follow the signs.


Premier parking is available for the Hilton/Hampton Inn guests who have a normal, non-old car to park underneath the Daiichi building. This is convenient because it is much closer to the hotel. Pleasse call for reservations 908 876 9100 to arrange for a $25/weekend parking sticker and confirmation that this plan is in effect.


Every PLAN A (4- or 5-day) and PLAN B (3-day) car entered, regardless of whether they Pre-Registered custom cars willreceives a PARTY PASS. It comes in a waterproof plastic bag and should be taped down in that car’s parking space so once it is there, that is your spot with your name and car entry number on it for the remainder of the weekend!

If you reserve a parking space in advance, before the event begins, we put your name on it and tape your PARTY PASS down in your space for you so it is there when you arrive. No other car event we know of offers this convenience. Please pull it up and take it with you or throw it away when you leave the event.


If you buy a PLAN A or B in advance or on site and don’t reserve a spot in advance, we give you the Party Pass in a clear plastic bag and you put your name on it and tape it down in an open spot of your choice for the weekend. Only PLAN A cars allowed in Hilton lot.

There are no PARTY PASSES or Reserved parking spots for Saturday or Sunday ONE DAY custom car participants.

If you want to make sure you can park next to your buddy, or if there is a specific spot you want because it has grass adjacent to it where you can set up your pop-up tent and BBQ, you can reserve your exact old car spot in advance when you Pre-Register.

Note: No refunds or cancellations. However, cancellations made in writing in advance of the event may be applied to next year's event. This does NOT apply to hotel room reservations.